Richmond Green

Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum

Richmond Green Bungalows


28 two/three bedroom family dwellings are proposed for the site currently occupied by bungalows for the elderly. The Forum is extremely concerned about the disruption to the elderly people caused by these proposals and we have expressed to Sutton Council that we would like to see the residents remain in their homes for as long as they want to remain there.

































Richmond Green


The Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum has identified Richmond Green as a potential Local Green Space. We wish to designate this space for special protection as an area of particular importance to the local community. We believe this designation is appropriate as :


•Richmond Green is local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.

•Richmond Green is in close proximity to the community it serves in the Beddington North Neighbourhood Area ;

•Richmond Green is special to the local community and holds a particular local significance because of its beauty, recreational value, tranquillity and the richness of its wildlife.


As a Local Green Space new development should not occur on Richmond Green other than in very special circumstances as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework.



Please see below a plan of the area we wish to designate as Local Green Space (as discussed at the Neighbourhood Forum in October 2014:








































Please also see below the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum's proposals for Richmond Green (as discussed at the October 2014 Neighbourhood Forum Meeting):








































Please find below the two reports into the condition of the bungalows commissioned by Sutton Council (2019 and 2012) and the 2015 draft report on the bungalows commissioned by Councillor Mattey:




























































































Photo: Teresa Tipping

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