Beddington Lane

Beddington Lane Road Scheme

Sutton Council is implementing comprehensive transport measures, aimed at improving sustainable transport options and integration in and around each of the Borough’s strategic industrial areas. These measures should include improvements for pedestrians and cyclists to provide attractive, safer and more direct routes, provision of cycle parking, improvements to bus boarding and waiting facilities and information/signage and measures to reduce the volume and speed of traffic.


The report to the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee Thursday, 26th February, 2009 on Beddington Lane report approved the progression of the Beddington Lane Regeneration scheme, so that a formal application for funding could be made to Transport for London to implement the scheme subject to consultation and land acquisition.


The scheme aims to enhance pedestrian and cycle link facilities, encourage better use of existing bus and tram services, and improve access to the industrial units within the estate.


There are five sections for the whole scheme which was approved in principal. Implementation of the scheme will occur in stages as funding becomes available, subject to consultation and land acquisition. Consultation with stakeholders, affected parties and residents is progressing and approval to acquire land required for the scheme will be sought, from Sutton Council's Executive after further consultation has been carried out and funding obtained. Authority has beed delegated to the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and Highways in consultation with the Chair, Ward Councillors and Lead Councillor, to agree and if necessary, modify details to address any further issues that may arise from ongoing consultations of the above scheme.









As part of ongoing work on the Beddington Lane proposals Sutton Council has produced the following Environmental Strategy and a Highways scoping Study



















The Forum believes that the Neighbourhood Planning process represents a good opportunity to carry out this further consultation on the scheme and ensure that the outcomes of the Beddington Lane scheme are fully compatible with the policies of the Beddington North Neighbourhood Plan.


The Beddington Lane proposals should:


•Reflect the delivery map for Beddington Industrial Area that has been produced by South London Freight Quality Partnership, Transport for London and the London Borough of Sutton -plans show right hand turns from south -these should be reversed to encourage lorries turning left and accessing sites from the north;

•Improve Coomber Way by providing yellow lines (following parking study);

•Restrict heavy vehicles turning southdown Beddington Lane when exiting industrial estates.

•Provide landscape improvements to meet existing environmental strategy aspirations and being sensitive to existing areas of hedges, trees, woodland, scrub areas, existing landscape schemes that work;

•Set back fences and use coloured weld mesh fencing instead of palisade fencing;

•Provides 6.1m road and 3.0m footway widths which provide a safe environment

•Improve signage

•Improve connections between industrial sites to remove traffic off Beddington Lane.

•Combat fly tipping.


Below are some intitial ideas of what the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum would like to see on Beddington Lane:

Below is one of the lorry ban signs (on the Croydon side but part of the area that includes Plough Lane, Hillier's Lane, Beddington Lane and Croydon Road)

Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum

20 mph zone in Beddington Village

The Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum also supports a Sutton's 20mph scheme in Beddington Village to address the traffic problems and improve safety and improve the environment in the village centre. Sutton have rercently produced a report which recommends a new zebra crossing between the shop and the Village hall, a 20mph speed zone in the village and other improvement.


2o mph speed limits are alrady in place in similar roads in Sutton and the rest of London:






They are also being considered in Hackbridge:




Enforcement of the Night Time and Weekend Lorry Ban

Parts of Beddington Lane, Croydon Road , Plough Lane and Hilliers Lane have a night time and weekend lorry ban in place. Lorries appear to ignore or be ignorant of the ban. The worst time is around 5-6am with delivery / construction / skip lorries getting out to sites causing disturbance to residents. The problem seems to be getting worse and is likely to increase with new developments in the area.


This lorry movement is also not in line with the agreed routing strategy for lorries which (at all times) is meant to keep lorries out of the Village (the agreed Sutton / Croydon / Transport for London / London freight partnership routing strategy).


We have the promise of some patrols in the area from London Councils but believe the problem will only be sorted out by camera enforcement. We've had some excellent progress with issues recently with the work Sutton Council are doing on the Hillier's Lane Study and Beddington Environmental Strategy and these studies should help us make the case to deal with these issues.


We also would like the sign at the junction of Hillier's Lane and Croydon Road amended. It currently directs traffic to 'Beddington Industrial Area' (which is inconsistent with the lorry routing strategy). We'd like to amend the sign to direct people to 'Beddington Village'.

Below is a Sutton Council document showing the recommended heavy goods vehicle routing (you have to click on the document to get the layers showing the routes to work:

The almost rural character of parts of Beddington LAne -we could do with wider footways but not at the expense of the trees and hedgerows

Some of the less attractive frontages along Beddington Lane

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